Comprehensive Approach

Diagnostic testing provides invaluable information as part of a comprehensive approach to helping pets stay healthier and live longer. Whether establishing an individual patient’s baseline, catching potential concerns early, or providing a fast and complete diagnosis, we have a full complement of cutting edge tools available to give us a full picture of your pet’s health.

Routine & Specialized

We have relationships with the top reference and university labs, allowing us to order both routine and specialized tests for our patients. Our digital radiology system gives us the ability to easily and safely obtain x-ray images that can be immediately shared with board certified veterinary radiologists for expert interpretation. We have a full complement of laboratory equipment in the practice to offer us fast results when patients are sick and time is of the essence. We have multiple ultrasound machines that provide another non-invasive option for gaining important details about our patients. Whatever your pet’s specific need, we are ready to find answers in order to offer them the best possible care.

  • Preventive Care & Early Detection Labwork
  • Digital Radiography with Specialist Interpretation
  • Full In-Hospital Laboratory
  • Diagnostic and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
  • PennHIP and OFA Screening